(Please not there are separate Playing Rules for both The Championship and the Premier Leagues).


All matches shall commence at 1:30pm AND BE PLAYED WITHIN THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME OF CRICKET. The home team must pitch the wickets at least 30 minutes before commencement time weather permitting. The toss shall take place no later than 15 minutes before the start of the match (1:15pm). Any team not ready to toss at the specified time shall have been deemed to have lost the toss.


In extreme weather conditions, league matches may be cancelled prior to 1:30pm on Saturday, providing both captains, or in their absence their nominated representative, are in agreement. Result cards with teams must be completed and the result sent in via the league’s web sit in accordance with Playing Rule 20. If no agreement can be reached both teams must attend the match as normal.


Teams not ready to start a match at 1:30pm must be reported to the League Committee. Any team not having the minimum 8 players ready to start the match at 1:30pm shall at the discretion of the League Committee lose points. No match can start unless both teams have the minimum of 8 players ready to play. Any team failing to have at least 8 players ready to start a match by 2:00pm shall be deemed to have scratched and the penalties set out in Playing Rule 19 shall apply.


Any club fielding 9 or fewer players in any 1st XI League competition while on the same date fielding a full Second or Third XI will, subject to Management Committee discretion, have all Second or Third XI points deducted for that date. In the event of a club with more than one team in the League(s) only being able to field one team, the first XI match shall take priority. The Second or Third XI match for that date will therefore be scratched in accordance with section 17 of the Constitution.


In accordance with The Laws of Cricket, captains must nominate their team before the start of the match by entering the names, registration numbers, and the dates of birth of any Under 18 players, onto the result/team card. The result of the toss must be entered on the card which should then be passed to the umpires to enable them to make sure that the ECB directives relating to young players are fully applied. The names and registration numbers entered must be the identical to those used on the registration form.


(a) Any bona fide member of a member club shall be allowed to play for that club in matches organised by the League provided that the player is registered with the league before competing in his first match in the season concerned. The league will supply each club w ith a list of players deemed to be registered for that club by the 1st March each year. All clubs must supply the League Chairman with an updated list of all players to be registered for that club with an allocated registration number before the season starts. Any additional players to be registered after the lists have been supplied must be notified to the League Chairman by post, text or email. Registration is completed when an acknowledgement has been received back from the League Chairman. In Divisions 1, 2 and 3 urgent registrations may be authorised on match days by obtaining the opposing captain’s permission before the game starts. The League Chairman must then be notified asap.

(b) No player shall be allowed to be registered with more than one member club. Players may however be transferred between the 1st May and the 1st August each year. Only one transfer shall be allowed for each player in any one season. An application to transfer a player between clubs must be made to the secretary (or the designated person who organises Players Registrations) of the club holding the existing registration by the secretary of the club to which the player wishes to transfer. Once agreement has been received the League Chairman must be informed. The transfer will be completed when acknowledgement has been received from the League Chairman.

(c) If a registered player plays regularly for a non-member club on a Saturday then special permission must be sought from the League Management committee before submitting a registration form. If a registered player starts to play regularly for a club in another League on a Saturday his registration with this League will be immediately cancelled.

(d) Special permission must be sought from the Management Committee before registering a player who has received a payment or benefit in kind in any form from any club or sponsor related to playing cricket. Before registration will be considered the following details must be supplied to the committee – nature of the financial reward, details of any club that the player is currently playing for; details of other clubs that the player has played for in the past five years.

(e) Any club playing a non-registered player in a league match will be fined the sum of £10.00 per non-registered player. The team playing a non-registered player will also be deemed to have scratched, and the match awarded to their opponents by way of a walkover. Additional action by way of additional monetary or points fines shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee.

(f) Any club playing a non-registered player in a knockout match will be fined the sum of £10.00 per non-registered player and, subject to Management Committee discretion the match will be awarded to their opponents.

(g) Member clubs, if they so wish, may retain the registration of any player who still owes outstanding membership or match fees to that club. If this player has his registration retained he may not be signed on for any other club until all outstanding debts have been paid. This is in accordance with ECB Regulations.

(h) The home team must provide tables and chairs for scorers, umpires coats in good condition, and a visible scoreboard.


(a) The home team is responsible for preparing the pitch and outfield. Non-turf pitches are not allowed.

(b) The home team must ensure that sawdust is available for the fielding team in wet conditions.

(c) The boundary must be marked with a continuous white line or rope.

(d) The pitch must not be rolled within 30 minutes of the start of any match or during the match.


(a) Each match shall consist of a maximum of 80 overs in all divisions.

(b) The team bowling first shall have no more than 40 overs.

(c) The team bowling second shall have no more than 40 overs.

(d) No bowler shall be allowed to bowl more than 10 overs in a match. This maximum shall not be reduced in rain affected matches. (Note the ECB Fast bowling directives for junior players must be observed)

(e) Ten minutes shall be allowed between innings.

(f) The scoreboard shall count the number of overs used, commencing at one.


If the team batting first declares before completing 40 overs, the maximum number of overs for the team batting second shall remain at 40 as given in Rule 8.

10. TEA

For a league match, the home team must provide a free tea for the XI visiting players, the two umpires and the two scorers. A tea interval of 30 minutes shall be taken at 4.00pm if the second innings of the match is in progress, unless both Captains agree otherwise. If the first innings is still in progress at 4:00pm, tea shall be taken at the end of that innings.


In all divisions the home team must provide 2 new league approved balls for each match, and suitable replacement balls. A new ball must be used at the start of each innings. All balls must be handed to the umpires before tossing for choice of innings. Any club failing to provide League approved balls in accordance with the Rules of Play will be fined the sum of £10.00.


(a) Each club providing an umpire for a league match will have 3 bonus points added to those earned during a match. If the umpire provided by a team is unqualified then the senior umpire will be required to officiate at the bowler’s end for the duration of the match. This will not affect umpire points.

(b) Any club not providing an umpire must pay the umpire in attendance the sum of £20. Persistent offenders will be disciplined by the Management Committee. The sole umpire present should be requested to officiate at the bowler’s end for the duration of the match. Where a game is washed out or a team is given a walkover they will be awarded 3 umpires bonus points if they had an umpire for the previous 2 games.

(c) Each club providing a scorer for a league match will have 3 bonus points added to those earned during the match. Any club not providing a scorer must pay the scorer in attendance the sum of £10. Persistent offenders will be disciplined by the Management Committee. Where a game is washed out or a team is given a walkover they will be awarded 3 scorers bonus points if they had a scorer for the previous 2 games.

(d) At the conclusion of a league match, the two umpires, working as a team, must jointly complete the card provided by the league scoring the condition of the pitch; outfield; behaviour of the home team; behaviour of the away team, together with any comments that they wish to make about the match. These cards must then be sent to the Fixture Secretary. In the event of a team not having an appointed umpire for the match, the club will not have the opportunity to comment. Umpires are asked to indicate when penalty runs would have been awarded for fair and unfair play even though these penalty runs have not been implemented by the league. Umpires should also contact the League Chairman asap to advise him of any particularly unpleasant behaviour by players, officials or supporters.


(a) The decision as to whether play is possible shall be according to the Laws of Cricket (2.7, 2.8 and 6.2) (These laws are printed at the end of this section.)

(b) If no play is possible or if the number of overs played is less than the minimum allowed to obtain a result, the match shall be deemed to be a washout.

(c) When the umpires decide that conditions are not fit for play, overs shall be reduced after 30 minutes of accumulated stoppages. When overs are deducted during the innings of the team batting first, then one over shall be lost from both teams’ innings for every full 7 minutes lost. When overs are deducted during the innings of the team batting second, then one over shall be lost from their innings for every full 3 ½ minutes lost.

(d) A decision must be made by 3:50pm at the latest to start play, the match shall be 20 overs per team (minimum), irrespective of the actual time of the start, and can only be called off subject to The Laws of Cricket.

(e) If covers are available they may be used.

(f) If overs are lost due to stoppage during the innings of the team batting second a revised winning target shall be calculated as follows. The total runs scored by the team batting first plus 1 shall be divided by the number of overs available to the team batting second at the start of their innings. This over rate will be multiplied by the number of overs lost by the team batting second and deducted from the original target.

(g) The result shall be a -
• Win for the team batting first if they get the team batting second all out for a lower score.
• Win for the team batting second if they score more runs than the target set by the team batting first.
• Washout if less than 20 overs per team and neither team has won.
• Tie if the innings of the team batting second is completed and have scored exactly the same number of runs as the team batting first, regardless of wickets lost.


Law 6.2 – The umpires shall be the sole judges of the fitness of the pitch for play.

Law 2.7- Fitness for play

(2.71) It is solely for the umpires together to decide whether either conditions of ground, weather or light or exceptional circumstances mean that it would be dangerous or unreasonable for play to take place. Conditions shall not be regarded as either dangerous or unreasonable merely because they are not ideal. The fact that the grass and the ball are wet does not warrant the ground conditions being regarded as unreasonable or dangerous.

(2.7.2) Conditions shall be regarded as dangerous if there is actual and foreseeable risk to the safety of any player or umpire.

(2.7.3) Conditions shall be regarded as unreasonable if, although posing no risk to safety, it would not be sensible for play to proceed.

(2.7.4) If the umpires consider the ground is so wet or slippery as to deprive the bowler of a reasonable foothold, the fielders of the power of free movement, or the batsmen of the ability to play their strokes or to run between the wickets, then these conditions shall be regarded as so bad that it would be dangerous and unreasonable for play to take place.

Law 2.8 - Suspension of play in dangerous or unreasonable conditions

(2.8.1) All references to ground include the pitch. See Law 6.1 (Area of pitch).

(2.8.2) The Umpires shall immediately suspend play, or not allow play to start or to recommence, if either umpire considers that the conditions of ground, weather or light, or any other circumstances are either dangerous or unreasonable.

(2.8.3) When there is a suspension of play it is the responsibility of the umpires to monitor conditions. They shall make inspections as often as appropriate, unaccompanied by any players or officials. Immediately the umpires together agree that the conditions are no longer dangerous or unreasonable they shall call upon the players to resume play.


(a) Any club receiving a behaviour mark of 3 or less on an umpire's card shall be subject to disciplinary action by the management committee including if necessary the creation of a sub-committee as set out in Constitution Section 9 Discipline.

(b) Any club receiving an outfield or pitch mark of 3 or less on an umpire's card shall be required to notify the Management Committee what action is being taken to improve the outfield or pitch for future matches.

(c) Any player reported by a spectator, umpire, player or one of the participating clubs for ungentlemanly behaviour, failing to observe the Laws of Cricket or not playing within the Spirit of The Game, shall be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Management Committee. This could include fines, deduction of points, or suspension. If appropriate a Disciplinary Sub Committee will be set up in accordance with Section 9 of the Constitution.


(a) The competing teams shall be divided into First and Second Divisions (and more if necessary).

(b) Automatic promotion and relegation of the top two and bottom two teams shall apply to all divisions, subject to the following:
- No club shall have two teams in the same division except in the lowest division. The first team position shall take priority in the promotion and relegation status.
- The Management Committee shall have the power to override the normal promotion and relegation rules if they feel it necessary, to be in the best overall interests of the league.
- The placing of new teams entering the League shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee.
- Teams shall be invited to be promoted to a higher division, but will have the right to decline.


(a) Each member club must notify the Chairman of the name and e-mail address of their respective club secretary within fourteen days of any change being made. Facilities exist on the league web site to notify changes electronically – select ‘Our Clubs/Change Details’.

(b) Club secretaries must reply to any official correspondence from the League Officers within 28 days (unless otherwise stated) of the date on the correspondence. Failure to do so will result in the club being fined the sum of £10.00.


All matches shall be played under the Laws Of Cricket approved by the MCC (Latest Code), except where the League Rules of Play expressly state differently.


(a) The fixtures list for each season shall be prepared as soon as practical after the Annual General Meeting by the Fixture Secretary. Fixtures will be updated on the web site as soon as possible after the AGM and clubs are responsible for printing their own copies.

(b) If a club can foresee a problem with a fixture date for the following season a written request must be submitted to the Fixture Secretary before the AGM. (Note: League matches always run from the first Saturday in May for a total of 18 weeks. The dates of league matches cannot be altered.)


(a) No team may scratch a league or knockout game without the permission of the league chairman.

(b) No game may be scratched without notifying the league chairman and the opposition. The team receiving a walk-over must phone the captain of the team scratching and the league chairman to confirm that the match has been scratched. Both teams must then immediately send the appropriate result (Walk-over or Scratched) using the league web site for sending results.

(c) Second XI or Third XI teams who are unable to field a full team and scratch a league game on or before Wednesday of a match shall incur no fine.

(d) The following scale of fines shall be paid to the League Treasurer by teams scratching a game. The fine collected from a team scratching an away league game will be passed to the home team in full recompense for the costs of that scratched match.
£25 all scratched Knock-Out Games,
£25 when the home team scratches a league game,
£25 when the away team scratches a league game before 9:00pm on a Wednesday,
£50 when the away team scratches a league game between 9:00pm on Wednesday and 9:00pm on Thursday,
£75 when the away team scratches a league game after 9:00pm on Thursday.

(e) Any team scratching three or more games during a season must re-apply for membership at the next Annual General Meeting.


Result cards must be sent in fully completed even if no play has been possible. (Note Playing rules 2 and 13). Points should not be amended on the result card for umpire or scorers.


Points shall be awarded as follows:-
Win - 25 Points
Walkover* - 25 Points (Except when all other games in a division are washed out when 9 points will be awarded)
Tie - 15 Points
Washout* - 9 Points (No bonus points)
Lose - Bonus points only
Scratched - 0 Points
Umpire In Attendance - 3 points (including abandoned games)
Scorer In attendance - 3 points (including abandoned games)
*For games that do not start including walkovers and completely washed-out games the umpires and scorers bonus points will be awarded where a team has had an umpire and/or scorer in the previous 2 played games.

Bonus Points shall be awarded as follows:
Batting: 1 Point 75-99; 2 Points 100-124; 3 Points 125-149;
                4 points 150-174; 5 Points 175+
Bowling: 1 Point 2 or 3 wickets; 2 points 4 or 5 wickets, 3 points 6 or 7 wickets;
                4 points 8 or 9 wickets; 5 points All Out
If the team batting seconds loses they will be awarded additional points as follows
                1 additional point if they exceed 25% of the winning target.
                3 additional points if they exceed 50% of the winning target.
                5 additional points if they exceed 75% of the winning target.
                (15 maximum bonus points).
If the team bowling second loses they will be awarded additional points as follows
                1 additional point if they take 3 or 4 wickets.
                3 additional points if they take 5, 6 or 7 wickets.
                5 additional points if they take 8 or 9 wickets.
                (14 maximum bonus points).