(2018 Edition)


All matches MUST BE PLAYED WITHIN THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME OF CRICKET. All matches shall be played on Tuesday evenings, with matches postponed for bad weather being deferred until the Thursday evening. If the Thursday match is also postponed through bad weather the home team must offer on that Thursday of the postponed match two dates for the match to be played within 7 days and the away team must agree to one of those dates. If the away team fails to accept one of the offerred dates they will be treated as having scratched. The home team will be deemed to have forfeited the match if these conditions are not observed. The league chairman must be notified immediately if matches are not played.


Both finals shall be played on a Sunday determined by the management committee. The 2nd XI Final shall be played first and will be followed by the 1st XI Final. A second date shall also be arranged in case no play is possible on the original date. If no play is possible on the second date then a bowling competition will be held – each player to bowl one ball, the team breaking the wicket the most times will be declared the winner. In the event of both teams being level at the end of the allotted balls then sudden death will be used where a player from each team will bowl one ball until one team breaks the wicket more times than the other.

The league will appoint neutral umpires for semi-final and final matches.



All matches up to the final shall commence at 6:15pm. The home team must pitch the wickets by 6:05pm weather permitting. The scheduled time for the match shall be first innings 6:15-7:30pm, interval 7:30-7:40pm and second innings 7:40-8:55pm.


Each match shall consist of 20 six ball overs per team.


For a trial season in 2018 the League will supply 2 coloured new balls for each match. A new coloured ball shall be used at the start of each innings. If the coloured ball is lost then suitable approved league red ball must be supplied by the home team as replacements. Used coloured balls must be returned to the league Treasurer. All balls must be handed to the umpires before tossing for choice of innings.


No player shall be eligible to play in the reserve XI competition after having played in 5 or more first XI league or knockout matches in the current season, unless they have played in at least 6 reserve XI matches in the current season.


Each player (First XI and Reserve XI) must have played in at least 2 Saturday league fixtures for that club in the current season.


The Laws of Cricket shall be adhered to for all matches with the following alterations.

a. No bowler shall be allowed to bowl more than 4 overs.

b. Law 21 No Balls will apply as normal except (Law 21.15) the penalty for a No Ball shall be 2 runs. In addition a free hit shall be awarded if Law 21.5 Foot Fault is contravened. If the delivery for a free hit is not a legitimate delivery (including wides) then the next delivery will become a free hit for whichever batsman is now the striker. The striker can only be dismissed under the circumstances that apply for a no-ball even if the free hit is called wide. Field changes are NOT permitted for free hit deliveries ( if the batsmen change ends during this no ball/free hit event and a right handed bat is replaced with a left handed bat or vice versa then the field set must be a mirror image for each batsman (eg slips move to the off side, fine leg moves to the leg side, square leg moves to the leg side etc).

c. Law 22 Wides will apply as normal except (Law22.6) the penalty for a Wide shall be 2 runs and Law 22.1.1 and 22.1.2 judging a wide. Any ball that passes outside the strikersí legs shall be adjudged a wide unless the striker by moving has caused the ball to pass outside his legs.

d. Law 40 - Timed Out. Law 40 will apply except the incoming batsman must be in position to take guard or for the next ball to be delivered to his batting partner within 90 seconds of the previous dismissal. The incoming batsman is expected to be ready for the dismissal and shall jog to the wicket.

e. Over Rate Penalties shall apply as follows. All sides are expected to be in a position to bowl the first ball of their final over within 1 hour 15 minutes playing time. In the event of them failing to do so, the full quota of overs will be completed and the batting side shall be credited with 6 runs for every whole over that has not been bowled. This penalty shall apply to both innings of the match. If the side batting second is credited runs in this way and subsequently takes their score past that of the side batting first then the match shall be deemed won by the side batting second. All penalties in this regard to be imposed immediately the ball becomes dead at the end of each over bowled outside this time limit.


f. Fielding Restrictions - Fielding restrictions are being introduced for a trial season in 2018 in the Semi-finals and Finals. Discs will be supplied by the league to create an oval formed by two semi circles, having a radius of 30 yards from the middle stump at each end of the pitch, joined together by straight lines. The fielding side must keep 4 fielders in addition to the bowler and wicketkeeper inside the marked area.



At the conclusion of the match, the two umpires working as a team must jointly complete the card provided by the league scoring the condition of the pitch; outfield; behaviour of the home team; behaviour of the away team, together with any comments that they wish to make about the match. These cards must then be sent to the fixture secretary. In the event of a team not having an appointed umpire for the match, the club will not have the opportunity to comment. Umpires are asked to indicate when penalty runs would have been awarded for fair and unfair play even though these penalty runs have not been implemented by the league. (see also constitution 19)


Official result cards must be completed, signed by both captains and sent to the fixture secretary as soon as possible after the match. The result must also be submitted online immediately after the game using the league's web site.

In the event of the number of runs scored by each team being equal, the winner of the match shall be decided in order of the following:- (i) the team losing fewer wickets, (ii) the team with the highest score after 15 overs, and (iii) the team with the highest score after 10 overs. If this does not produce a winner then the match must be replayed.